Pecuniary - Personal Financial Tracking and Reporting

  Pecuniary - "Relating to or consisting of money."
/pəˈkyo͞onēˌerē/      adjective, formal

I used Quicken. For years. But when they migrated to a subscription platform in 2018 I decided to write my own. I call it "Pecuniary", as in "relating to or consisting of money".
First recorded in 1500–10; from Latin pecūniārius, derivative of pecūnia “property, money (wealth in cattle),” derivative of pecū “flock”

Pecuniary is an alternative to Quicken or other personal financial tools. There are some shortcomings, but there are also features.

  • Price: free
  • It's based it on MS Access. No "hidden" or proprietary data. You can have the design as well; just ask
  • You can separate out the data file (database) for things like 'Personal', 'Medical', 'Children', whatever
  • Multiple users can share the same database or keep their own separately
  • Personal financial tracking and reporting
  • Ability to import .QIF files
  • No upload/download of data. I don't want to get involved with banks

Send a message through the "Contact Us" page if you'd like to try Pecuniary.