Why Ice Pond Software?

  When considering the development of a large system, one should ask the following questions to any potential system designers / developers:
  • What is their level of experience working with large databases (over 1/2 million rows in a table)?
  • Are they aware of the fact that tuning SQL and application/database design are the most important issues when designing such a system? Have they ever tuned SQL? If so, what tools have they used to perform this? What are the typical problems that arise?
  • Have they ever carried out any performance testing?
  • Are they aware of methodologies used in designing a large database system?
  • Have they seen a number of systems suffer from severe performance problems after a period in production, due to poor design?
With Ice Pond Software the answer is YES to all these questions. We know where the pitfalls are and how to avoid them. A system designed and developed by Ice Pond Software will have the following properties:
  • STABILITY -  System availability will be maximised.
  • RESPONSIVENESS - will exceed the required response times.
  • SCALABILITY - Increasing the number of users will have a minimal impact on performance.
  • RECOVERABILITY - Ice Pond Software will ensure that solid Backup and Disaster Recovery strategies are in place in the event of a disaster.

A favorite quote of mine:
"You think it's expensive to hire an expert, wait 'til you hire an amateur".

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  Gary Huckabone is the owner of Ice Pond Software and has been a software developer for more years than he's willing to admit, with most of his work in database applications. He has designed and implemented a variety of systems and is an expert with database programming, all Windows versions, ASP.NET, Unix and Internet applications. Gary has worked with many different clients over the years providing custom database work with MSSQL and Oracle.

Mark Morgan has been working for 25 years as a software developer. He has experience in every notable server architecture, network protocol, programming language, and database architecture. His career has ranged from being Director of corporate IS teams to getting his own innovations off the ground.

Elizabeth Moore has worked with Ice Pond Software since 2014 in which time she has managed each project with a brilliant track record of meeting time frames and budgets. Her background as a CPA combined with a masters degree in Information Assurance makes her a valuable addition to the team.