Welcome to Ice Pond Software

Ice Pond Software is a software development business specializing in web and database applications. We can design and build your web site for you or we can enhance your existing site. We use the latest technologies and realize that it is to your benefit to keep your site up-to-date with the latest and greatest tools so as not to get left behind.

Achieving optimal results at a reduced cost is becoming increasingly important in today’s competitive business environment; almost every company faces this challenge, especially in the area of technology. Our mission is to provide excellence in technology and services for all of our clients.

  • Application environments: The MicroSoft stack
  • Web site development using ASP.NET and Sql Server
  • We are the proud creators of Your Office Map

It is very important to recognize the following differences:
  • Web site design - this is the artists, ie, the ones who make your site look appealing and friendly.
  • Web site development - the programmers who turn the design into reality. This is where Ice Pond Software excels. We work with designers to make the artists' stuff work!

To understand the software business you need to understand two things: Software and Business
Ice Pond Software, Bozeman, MT